Terms and conditions of use of OldCamera.pl

Terms and conditions of use of OldCamera.pl

1.OldCamera.co.uk is a proprietary service available at: https://oldcamera.pl/. It is hereinafter referred to in the terms and conditions as: Portal, Service, Site and OldCamera.pl. A User is any person who uses the OldCamera.pl website. Editors and Administrators are persons who manage the formal and substantive content of the portal.

2.Regulations indicate the rules for the use of the OldCamera.pl website by Users. Users are obliged to comply with the rules contained in the Regulations.

3.The editors declare that the logos and texts of the articles contained on the OldCamera.pl website are the exclusive property of the site and are subject to copyright protection. Any use of the materials present on the site without the consent of the owners of the site is prohibited.

4.OldCamera.pl allows the publication of the content contained on the site provided that the quote and the source of the article are clearly marked as OldCamera.pl.

5.The website services for Users include the ability to browse the resources of the Portal, the ability to comment on individual articles and the ability to contact the OldCamera.pl Editorial Board.

6.The Editor reserves the right to decide on the content of the Service and moderate comments. All comments containing vulgar, pornographic content, promoting violence, fascism, racism and discrimination, violating the dignity of others, and in any way contrary to the law will be removed by the Editorial Board.

7.The Administrators shall not be liable for any damage caused to third parties as a result of the Users’ use of the Website contrary to the Rules.

8.The Administrators reserve the right to use the Service to conduct commercial and advertising activities among Users, especially to place advertisements and other elements of promotion of goods and services on the Portal.

9.The Administrators reserve the right to use cookie technology for the efficient operation of the Website.

10.The editors reserve the right to unilaterally change the current regulations.
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