10 Best Nicole Kidman Movies and Series

Nicole Kidman continues to surprise on screen in her film incarnations. The beautiful Australian actress is able to create both creations of fragile, shy heroines and strong, determined women. Although she was born into a family with medical traditions, from childhood her heart beat for theater and cinema. She made her debut in film at the age of fourteen, and now has an Oscar, three Golden Globes and an Emmy Award, among other awards. Nicole Kidman grew up in Australia, and returned to the US for her involvement in the film “Days of Thunder” (1990), which opened a long streak of success in her career. While working on this picture, a lot happened in the actress’ private life. She met Tom Cruise, with whom they formed one of the most famous film marriages for many years. Since 2006, meanwhile, Nicole Kidman’s husband is country musician Keith Urban. We present a subjective selection of the 10 best films with Nicole Kidman.

Nicole Kidman Movies

1. ”The Hours”, 2002

Nicole Kidman Movies - The Hours

It’s hard not to start the list of the best films starring Nicole Kidman with the 2002 production of “The Hours,” directed by Stephen Daldry. It was for her performance in this picture that the actress was awarded an Oscar. The film is loosely based on the novel “Mrs. Dalloway” by Virginia Woolf, as well as biographical plots from the author’s life. Kidman here plays the role of the writer herself, creating a highly evocative portrait of her as an outstanding and sensitive person. The actress’s characterization, her gestures, facial expressions and manner of speaking all add up to a believable portrayal of Virginia Woolf and her moving fate.

“The Hours” is not only an acting display by Nicole Kidman, but is also a subtle interpretation of Virginia Woolf’s prose. The writing appears as eminently feminine literature, influencing the life choices of female readers, who find in it a reflection of their inner conflicts and dilemmas. The film takes place simultaneously on three time levels, presenting the story of the writer and two other female protagonists, Laura (Julianne Moore) and Clarissa (Meryl Streep).

2. “Cold Mountain”, 2003

Best Nicole Kidman Movies - Cold Mountain

Another film in which Nicole Kidman played a great role. The plot of “Cold Mountain” is set in the United States in the 1860s. Just before the outbreak of the Civil War, a beautiful Southern maiden meets a handsome bachelor. The war brutally separates the fates of the young people before anything has even begun between them. However, it turns out that this pre-marriage meeting makes such a strong impression on both of them that Inman (Jude Law) decides to break through from the front to Ada at all costs. She, in turn, copes with the harsh reality of war only through the hope of reuniting her beloved.

Anthony Minghella’s film captivates with its acting performances (Renee Zellweger was awarded an Oscar) and epic narrative method. The story unfolds slowly and in direct proportion to the growing longing of the characters. Love in the raging cruelty of war turns out to be the greatest strength, thanks to which a person can survive the most difficult circumstances.

3. “The Portrait of a Lady”, 1996

10 Best Nicole Kidman movies - The Portrait of a Lady

The film adaptation of Henry James’ novel, directed by Jane Campion, “The Portrait of a Lady“, is an interesting picture of a woman’s rise to independence. The film is set in the 19th century. The main character is a young American woman who, instead of getting married, dreams of exploring the world. Soon, thanks to the inherited money, she embarks on a trip to Europe. One day Isabel meets aristocrat Gilbert Osmond (John Malkovich) and, completely infatuated with him, decides to marry him. After the marriage, however, the man reveals a completely different face.

Nicole Kidman in Campion’s film brilliantly portrayed the psychological dilemmas of her heroine. “The Portrait of a Lady” fits into the feminist connotations of women’s cinema. It tells the story of a girl who, through successive life disappointments and wrong choices, learns to navigate the space of social conventions and patriarchal boundaries. At the same time, however, she also gains valuable knowledge of how to free herself from this trap.

4. “Birthday Girl”, 2001

Nicole Kidman movies and series - Birthday Girl

In this film Nicole Kidman makes a very different appearance. After all, in “Birthday Girl” she plays a beautiful Russian woman who meets an English bank employee through an online application “Greetings from Russia”. The girl comes to the UK at his invitation and very quickly wins the man’s heart. She is unprincipled and completely obedient. One day, however, her two suspicious cousins show up at John’s (Ben Chaplin) house.

“Birthday Girl” is a very likable crime comedy with a romance plot. As usual, it turns out that business is complicated by an unexpected outbreak of passion. And it is known that when feelings come into play, all plans go awry and anything can happen.

5. “Dogville”, 2003

Best Nicole Kidman performances - Dogville

Lars von Trier’s European Film Academy award-winning “Dogville” is a true display of Nicole Kidman’s acting skills. The picture is maintained in an avant-garde, characteristic of the Danish director. The world presented here is conventional and clearly theatrical. The action unfolds in a small town, to which one day a young girl fleeing from gangsters finds herself by chance. The heroine quickly wins the sympathy of the residents and becomes an important member of the small community. After a while, however, it turns out that the residents also have another, less friendly face.

“Dogville” is a movie whose striking message strikes the viewer despite the frame of conventionality given here. Artificial decorations, houses existing only as sketched graphics, placing the action in a studio – all this weakens the realism of the picture, but does not at all lower the level of emotions accompanying this shocking story. And it is a visualization of the dark evil that lies deep in the human soul and which, under favorable circumstances, can erupt.

6. “Moulin Rouge!”, 2001

Best Nicole Kidman movies and tv shows - Moulin Rouge

The musical “Moulin Rouge!”, which won Oscars for best costumes and set design, also earned a nomination for its lead actress, Nicole Kidman. The aesthetically sophisticated story is set at the turn of the 20th century in the milieu of Parisian artistic bohemia. Kidman plays the star of the legendary Moulin Rouge nightclub. Satine, despite the fact that a wealthy aristocrat (Richard Roxburgh) is courting her, thinks of someone else entirely. For her heart is stolen by the sensitive and handsome penniless poet Christian (Ewan McGregor).

Baz Luhrmann’s movie is a spectacular show of the highest order. Magnificent costumes, music, dancing, singing – all of this adds up to a one-of-a-kind picture of a Parisian revue. What’s more, this very film marked the beginning of a new phase in the career of Nicole Kidman, who sang the song “Come What May” with Ewan McGregor.

7. “Rabbit Hole”, 2010

Nicole Kidman list of movies - Rabbit Hole

This is one of the most moving roles in the career of Nicole Kidman, who in “Rabbit Hole” plays a mother suffering after the death of her several-year-old son. Becca is unsuccessfully trying to cope with her grief, and her marriage is in crisis after the tragic event. The protagonist’s husband, Howie (Aaron Eckhart), reacts differently from his wife to the irreparable loss of their child, which causes the couple to begin to distance themselves from each other. One day Becca meets the perpetrator of an accident in which her infant son was killed. The young boy unexpectedly becomes her support.

Nicole Kidman played the difficult role of the mother extremely evocatively. She was able to convey the whole range of emotions of a woman in such an unimaginably difficult situation, coming off really believable. The actress managed, on the one hand, to show despair, and on the other hand, not to cross the thin line between authenticity and melodramatic mannerism. The film itself is a profound study of the borderline situation of facing the inexplicable and extremely painful death of one’s own child.

8. “Practical Magic”, 1998

Best Nicole Kidman performances - Practical Magic

On our subjective list of Nicole Kidman’s best roles we also include “Practical Magic”, where the actress formed a great and funny duo with Sandra Bullock. This is a half-fantasy, half-comedy story of two witch sisters who, after the death of their parents, end up in the care of their aunts. When the girls become adult women, they have to face the family curse: it turns out that erotic love is a particularly dangerous “enterprise” in their case – as it draws great danger to their chosen ones.

Nicole Kidman here plays the beautiful Gillian, whose stunning beauty and extraordinary sex appeal act like a magnet for men. The actress comes off as truly phenomenal here, exuding a feminine charm, carefreeness and humor that magically seduce the viewer as much as her subsequent chosen ones.

Nicole Kidman series

9. “Big Little Lies” (series), 2017

Best Nicole Kidman series - Big Little Lies

Nicole Kidman has also made a name for herself as an outstanding series actress in recent years. Awarded with four Golden Globes and eight Emmy statuettes, “Big Little Lies” is a real hit for HBO. The series, set in sunny California, depicts the fate of three female friends. The women strike up a friendship with each other while sending their children to school. It soon turns out that one of the students becomes a victim of classroom violence. The mother of the bullied girl, Renata Klein (Laura Dern), throws an accusation at the son of one of them. In addition to Nicole Kidman, the film stars Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley.

Kidman proves on screen that she still has a lot to show. She performs brilliantly in the role of a mother and wife of a violent husband. She creates a mysterious, complicated character, drawing the viewer into the puzzling story of her life and marriage. She was fully deservedly awarded a Golden Globe and an Emmy. In the second season of “Big Little Lies” her antagonist is played by Meryl Streep, who plays the mother-in-law of the series’ Celeste. That’s quite a duo!

10. ”The Undoing”, 2020

Best Nicole Kidman tv shows - The Undoing

Another great series role for Nicole Kidman. “The Undoing” is a six-episode HBO production in which the actress plays a wealthy, attractive therapist leading a seemingly perfect life among New York’s elite. Grace Fraser has a loving husband, a taken pediatric oncologist (played by Hugh Grant), and a teenage son. One day, when the man leaves for a scientific conference, his wife loses contact with him. The next day it turns out that Jonathan is suspected of the murder of the mother of their son’s schoolmate.

“The Undoing” is a gripping story in which criminal intrigue is intertwined with a psychological study of family and marital relationships. Kidman, as usual, brilliantly empathizes with the situation of her heroine, conveying her metamorphosis: from a confident representative of the upper class to a woman lost and deceived by a loved one.

Additional item in Nicole Kidman movies

“Nine Perfect Strangers”, series 2021

Nicole Kidman greatest films - Nine Perfect Starangers

One of Nicole Kidman’s latest roles and also another serial incarnation of the actress proving that the star is in great professional shape. “Nine Perfect Strangers” is a miniseries that tells the story of a luxury spa, where thirsty for relaxation go to the clients after their transitions. The owner of this amazing establishment offers not only wellness treatments, but also a proprietary psychological program aimed at making a thorough internal transformation. Is the charismatic Russian Masha really a gifted mentor or a conniving charlatan whose only goal is to extort considerable money from the naive rich? The viewer wrestles with this question until the final episode, and distance from the main character is constantly mixed with admiration and curiosity.

Nicole Kidman bravely played the role of Masha, bringing out all the ambivalence of her character and making viewers alternately love and hate her. In turn, she is partnered on the screen by a whole range of interesting characters with remarkable stories: a crisis-ridden writer of popular romances (Melissa McCarthy), a former sports star (Bobby Cannavale) or a beautiful Instagrammer Jessica (Samara Weaving) are just some of the characters hiding intriguing secrets.

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