Best Bond Girls – 20 Bond Female Villains

When on October 5, 1962, during the premiere of the first episode in the series about 007, the famous words came from the mouth of British actor Sean Connery: “Bond. James Bond,” the cinematic world did not realize what a powerful universe he would face. The opening of the saga, “Dr. No,” directed by Terence Young, established not only the beginning of a pop-culture phenomenon, but, above all, cemented in the minds of viewers a certain archetype of woman. Each picture telling the adventures of the British secret agent offers both spectacular action scenes and beautiful film locations, but the most interesting element still remains the notorious Bond girls. The moment when Swiss actress Ursula Andress emerged from the Caribbean Sea to face 007 went down in cinema history from the start, and female heroes, thanks to the introduction of new beauty standards, were redefined.

We present 20 unique Bond girls. Among them are both romantic caretakers and femme fatales wishing for the death of the handsome agent. The main criteria used for their selection were strong character, self-confidence and awareness of 007’s superiority.

Bond Girls

1. Zena Marshall („Dr. No” as Miss Taro)

Best Bond Girls - Zena Marshall

The first Bond girl on this list is Zena Marshall in the role of Miss Taro. The woman works as a personal assistant to Jamaica’s Chief Secretary of the Colonial Government Pleydell Smith, but her overriding task is to keep the demonic Dr. Julius No informed of James Bond’s activities. When Regional Control Officer John Strangways dies under unexplained circumstances, the MI6 agency sends 007 to investigate. While visiting the secretary, Bond invites the attractive Miss Taro to dinner. The woman at first pretends to be unavailable, but her loyalty to Jamaican Crab Key island owner Doctor No is so strong that she invites the secret agent to her home in the hills.

During the trip, Bond was about to be slaughtered by local paid assassins, but emerged unscathed. Surprised by his arrival, Miss Taro receives him in her most casual attire – a towel covering her intimate body parts. Eventually, the woman is outsmarted by Bond and handed over to the police, but the gesture of spitting in the secret agent’s face shows her hostile disposition and indiscriminateness towards her own actions. The distinctive weapon of Dr. No’s assistant, in addition to her overpowering appearance, is a special nail polish.

2. Tania Mallet („Goldfinger” as Tilly Masterson)

The Best Bond Girls - Tania Mallet

Tania Mallet as Tilly Masterson plays the role of the sister of the murdered Jill – the iconic “golden girl” who was put to death by Oddjob, a Korean wrestler and personal bodyguard of jeweler and gold aficionado Auric Goldfinger. During a ride in the Swiss mountains, the woman, blazing with lust for revenge, gets into a car accident, the perpetrator of which is James Bond. Thanks to the special equipment with which 007’s most famous vehicle was equipped – a gray Aston Martin DB5, the secret agent damages the two right wheels of her car. The unsuspecting girl spurns Bond’s favor and, still single-minded, decides to continue her efforts to eliminate the man responsible for her sister’s death.

The next meeting between Tilly and 007 occurs during a night escapade in the woods where Goldfinger’s factory is located. The girl unknowingly activates the alarm mechanism of the thugs acting on behalf of the sinister jeweler. After a breakneck escape in an Aston Martin driven by Bond, the woman dies at the hands of Oddjob, whose bowler, equipped with a traffic circle blade, shatters her face. Tilly Masterson does not so much fail to succumb to the charms of the secret agent, but is completely uninterested in him. Revenge for the death of her sister Jill is her life goal, and casual acquaintances are unable to obscure her motivations.

3. Honor Blackman („Goldfinger” as Pussy Galore)

Bond Girls - Honor Blackman

Another Bond girl – Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore – is the personal pilot of jeweler and gold smuggler Auric Goldfinger. Her beauty and grace are commensurate with the service she provides to her fanatical superior. The woman is not only a prominent individual in the ranks of Auric Enterprises, but also the charismatic leader of the special squad of the female aerial team “Flying Circus Pussy Galore.” Her first meeting with Bond occurs aboard a plane. Intoxicated with gas, the man, after awakening from a deep lethargy, at the sight of the attractive woman utters the famous phrase: “I must be dreaming”.

James and Pussy meet regularly on the grounds of Goldfinger’s imposing Kentucky headquarters. 007 unsuccessfully tries to seduce the voluptuous pilot, and when he becomes increasingly pushy towards her, the woman mercilessly knocks him down, all thanks to her perfect knowledge of judo. Over time, however, Pussy Galore’s heart subtleties to the point where, independent and fully self-reliant, she decides to help Bond against Goldfinger. Thanks to her, the secret agent thwarts a bomb explosion at Fort Knox, preventing gold contamination for 58 years. Pussy Galore is the first woman in the 007 series who was the perfect counterweight to Bond. Her knowledge of weapons, physical prowess, combat experience and ability to command a team impressed the British spy, and the dangerous girl had the added advantage of considerable personal charm and a sense of finding herself in any situation.

4. Luciana Paluzzi („Thunderball” as Fiona Volpe)

Bond Girl - Luciana Paluzzi

Luciana Paluzzi playing Fiona Volpe is a professional assassin at the service of the secret criminal organization Spectre, which is led by James Bond’s most famous antagonist Ernst Stavro Blofeld. The woman is delegated to assist Emil Largo who occupies the second position in the hierarchy of this lawless institution. Her first encounter with Bond occurs during a chase at the famous Silverstone racetrack, in Britain. The assassin, with the help of two rifles placed on the front of the motorcycle, kills Count Lippe responsible for the failed attempt on 007’s life.Although Bond does not recognize the woman, because during the entire action she was wearing a protective helmet on her head, but over time he begins to guess who he is really dealing with.

During their stay in the Bahamian capital Nassau, the paths of these two cross every day. When Bond learns that a woman occupies the hotel room next to his suite, he decides to use this opportunity to get to know her better. „Thunderball” in addition to the superbly filmed underwater sequences, is famous for a scene in the bathroom when Fiona, taking a bath in the tub, has nothing to cover herself with. Confused, she asks Bond to give her something to put on. 007 doesn’t think long and instead of a towel hanging nearby, he throws the woman flip-flops. Fiona Volpe is the first heroine in the Bond series to make the British spy realize that going to bed with him doesn’t necessarily mean going the way of law and virtue. The seductive assassin dies at the hands of her men while dancing with Bond at the Kiss Kiss club.

James Bond Girls

5. Karin Dor („You Only Live Twice” as Helga Brandt)

Bond Girls list - Karin Dor

One of the most demonic Bond girls is Karin Dor in the role of Helga Brandt. The woman, like the aforementioned Fiona Volpe, works for the criminal syndicate Spectre. She goes by the nickname “Number 11” in the organization’s structure. She is unconditionally devoted to Blofeld, and her other duties include assisting Japanese businessman Mr. Osato, who is also a member of the sinister syndicate. Among the woman’s favorite torture tools is a set of small knives used for skinning.

Helga Brandt meets James Bond during his visit to “Osato Chemicals and Engineering”, in Tokyo. The secret agent introduces himself as the director of the chemical plant, Robert Fisher, and immediately catches her eye. Thanks to the office’s special equipment with various kinds of detectors, Mr. Osato immediately learns the man’s true identity. He consults the whole case with the German assassin and together they come to the conclusion that the only right solution is to assassinate the British spy.

The reunion between Helga Brandt and 007 occurs aboard the ship Ning-Po, when after a grueling battle with Osato’s men at the Kobe docks, the secret agent falls into her trap. The woman slaps him as a greeting, before moving on to somewhat more drastic methods of persuasion. When the secret agent, susceptible to her charms, confesses who he really works for, Helga, pretending to be contrite, seduces him and promises to transport him to safety. The consequence of her cunning plan is to leave Bond chained to the seat in the avionette, and then detonate a small bomb aboard the vehicle. 007 emerges unscathed, while Helga Brandt, responsible for the failed attempt on his life, is eaten by piranhas in Blofeld’s secret residence, hidden in a volcano. Her boundless devotion to her superior and her dislike of Bond place her among the most evil and dangerous women in the history of the entire series.

6. Diana Rigg („On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” as Teresa di Vicenzo)

20 best Bond Girls - Diana Rigg

Countess Teresa di Vicenzo (played by Diana Rigg) is the daughter of Marc-Ange Draco – the leader of one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the world, based in Corsica. In addition to this unlawful activity, the businessman runs a legitimate construction company, “Draco Construction.” During a drive in the Portuguese hills, James Bond’s car is aggressively overtaken by the vehicle of a mysterious woman. The spy, thinking little, decides to follow her. When the man reaches the beach, because the countess stopped there, he witnesses her attempted suicide. Bond rescues the shaken woman, only to then get into a fight with Draco’s men. The countess hastily leaves the beach, and the secret agent, baffled by her illogical behavior, keeps on wondering who this mysterious beauty is.

The next day, during a poker game, a mysterious stranger, whom he saved his life, squats at Bond’s table. The woman loses the game and informs the dealer that she does not have the funds to cover the bet. Somewhat surprised, Bond intercedes on behalf of the rebellious Teresa and recompenses the cost of her reckless behavior. The couple spends the evening together, but in the middle of the night the woman secretly leaves the room. At the nightstand, next to the bed, she leaves Bond the equivalent of the debt she incurred at the casino.

Teresa is the apple of her father’s eye, but due to his connivance with the criminal world, she disrespects him and does everything to make his life miserable. Determined Draco has in the past sent his daughter to private Swiss schools hoping to change her behavior, and when that too failed, he has no ideas to provide her with better conditions. In an act of desperation, he offers Bond a million pounds in gold to marry Teresa. The British spy firmly refuses, but when the rebellious girl’s father informs him of Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s hideout, the secret agent agrees to the condition offered to him earlier.

Teresa di Vicenzo is the most unusual of all the women appearing in the series about 007. Her rebellion is just a cover for suppressing strong emotions, and her explosive character testifies to life’s confusion. The more time the woman spends at the side of the gallant Bond, the better she finds herself in a variety of situations, but the greatest success turns out to be a definite improvement in her relationship with her father.

When a British spy falls into a trap set by Blofeld in the village of Mürren, Switzerland, none other than Teresa comes to the rescue. After a successful plot, Bond proposes to his rescuer, and Draco’s offered payment of a million pounds in gold fails to materialize, as feeling is stronger than money. During the honeymoon, Teresa is shot by Blofeld’s associate Irma Bunt. Bond visits her memorial in the 12th episode of the series, “For Your Eyes Only”, directed by John Glen.

The Countess’s attributes of stunning looks, self-confidence, uncompromising character, offbeat sense of humor and courage should rank her first among all Bond girls.

7. Jill St. John („Diamonds Are Forever” as Tiffany Case)

the hottest Bond Girls - Jill St. John

The Bond girl whose greatest love is precious stones is Jill St. John, or Tiffany Case. She is a diamond smuggler permanently living in Amsterdam. Among her talents, in addition to professional smuggling of precious stones, is great camouflage, which includes a variety of wigs and knowledge of the secrets necessary for obtaining fingerprints. James Bond, posing as British smuggler Peter Franks, is immediately fooled by the girl’s duplicitous working methods. When the smuggler learns the true identity of the secret agent, she takes up with him not only for the sake of clearing her name, but primarily for the purpose of acquiring diamonds.

Tiffany Case, in addition to her flawless figure and awareness of her class, has a wide range of extremely useful personality traits – she is communicative and punctual, always impeccably dressed, and her bold statements can discredit many an outstanding speaker, and it matters little whether the recipient of the message is a mature man or a ten-year-old boy taking part in a competition at the circus shooting range. The name Tiffany was not chosen at random, since Miss Case, like Holly Golightly – the heroine of Truman Capote’s book and Blake Edwards’ film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – is famous for her love of diamonds. James Bond’s personal charm did not particularly work on her, but the diamonds at his disposal drove the young coquette crazy.

8. Lola Larson & Trina Parks („Diamonds Are Forever” as Bambi & Thumper)

Most Beautiful Bond Girls - Lola Larson & Tina Parks

This time the duo on our list of famous Bond women: Lola Larson & Trina Parks, or Bambi and Thumper. They are high-class acrobats living in the colossal mansion of entrepreneur and billionaire Willard Whyte, who owns the famous “Whyte House” hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The women always act in tandem, making them twice as dangerous. James Bond meets the deadly beauties in one of the quarters owned by Whyte. Before the outstanding acrobats find out who the mysterious gentleman is, they fight an intense duel with him. Although Bond emerges victorious from the skirmish, he fights fiercely for his life for a good three minutes.

Bambi and Thumper borrow their names from characters in Walt Disney’s 1942 cult animation “Bambi,” directed by Ben Sharpsteen and David Hand. The women, with their imposing physiques and acrobatic skills, juxtaposed with cunning and a killer instinct sensitive to every slightest move of their opponent, can take the life of many a strong hero.

9. Barbara Bach („The Spy Who Loved Me” as Anya Amasova)

Iconic Bond Women - Babara Bach

Another Bond woman – Major Anya Amasova (played by Barbara Bach), also known as XXX, is a Soviet intelligence agent originally employed by the KGB. During a mission in the Austrian Alps, her beloved Sergei Barsov dies at the hands of 007. The superior of the charming agent and the murdered spy – General Gogol, does not know the personalities of the person responsible for his death. When a British submarine is hijacked by an unidentified object, Her Majesty’s government blames the Soviets for the incident. The problem is that the Soviet services also lose their ship. Perplexed, they blame the British government for sabotaging their actions at sea. In order to thoroughly investigate the case, MI6 sends its top agent James Bond, while the Soviets entrust this dangerous mission to Agent XXX – Major Amasova.

The two meet in Cairo, during a light and sound show on the Egyptian pyramids. After Bond neutralizes two Soviet thugs who are the Major’s personal escorts, the agents’ paths cross again at the Mojaba club owned by Egyptian businessman Max Kalba. The man has in his possession a mysterious microfilm on which plans for sabotage of both British and Soviet submarines have been recorded. The small data reader is pilfered by a paid assassin nicknamed “Buzzard,” and the owner of the premises is killed by a bite, as the assailant is equipped with special steel teeth.

When 007 intercepts the microfilm, Major Amasova makes every effort to deprive him of the object. In the end, her plan comes to fruition, and the spies’ superiors send them on a mission to Sardinia, because there, according to the information on the reader, resides the man responsible for all the confusion – Swedish billionaire, owner of the transport company “Stromberg Shipping” and lover of sea creatures – Karl Stromberg. During the investigation by a pair of agents, it comes to light that Bond is responsible for the death of Major Amasova’s beloved. The woman informs the British spy that as soon as the mission to capture the demonic Stromberg is successful, then she will deprive him of his life.

Major Anya Amasova is one of the most unique Bond girls in the history of the entire series. Her skills, both in terms of intellect and direct combat with the enemy, remain on the same level as those of the British agent. When Bond rescues her from the hands of Stromberg, the XXX agent wonders for a long moment if she should definitely deprive him of his life. Anya Amasova is beautiful, cunning and extremely resourceful, and according to information given about her by her immediate superior General Gogol, she is one of the most enlightened minds in the entire Soviet agency.

Bond Women

10. Caroline Munro („The Spy Who Loved Me” as Naomi)

Bind Female Villains - Caroline Munro

Caroline Munro as Naomi from the film “The Spy Who Loved Me” is another James Bond girl. Naomi is the assistant and personal pilot of communications magnate Karl Stromberg. Her tasks include not only fulfilling the whims of her haughty superior, but, above all, eliminating uninvited or intrusive guests. The woman derives real pleasure from this, but among her favorite assignments is undoubtedly flirting with handsome men invited aboard the Atlantis – Stromberg’s private base, his oceanic citadel.

When James Bond, accompanied by the phenomenal Major Amasova, shows up in Sardinia, he immediately arouses Naomi’s interest. The woman is so confident that the presence of the Soviet agent is not so much a competition for her, but the perfect opportunity to make Bond realize who is really in charge. During the chase along the Sardinian coast, when 007 and XXX flee in a white Lotus Esprit from Stromberg’s goons, there is a phenomenal exchange of fire between them and Naomi, who controls the helicopter. The car of the pair of agents is equipped with many unique features, thanks to which they not only escape with their lives, but annihilate Stromberg’s assistant.

Naomi is the first woman in the 007 film series to die directly at the hands of a British spy. True, Bond puts her to death via a bullet fired from a car, but in no previous episode from the saga, which numbered ten productions at the time, did such a situation occur.

11. Carole Bouquet („For Your Eyes Only” as Melina Havelock)

The Best Bond Girls of All Time - Carole Bouquet

The beautiful Carole Bouquet plays the role of James Bond’s girlfriend in the film “For Your Eyes Only”. The actress plays Melina Havelock, a Greek woman of British origin. Her father – Sir Timothy Havelock – provides services as a marine archaeologist for MI6. While on his yacht, the girl witnesses the murder of her parents. Melina knows that the perpetrator of this unforgivable crime is the personal pilot of her murdered father – Cuban Hector Gonzales. The woman sets out to follow him, and when she succeeds in eliminating the villain, James Bond stands in the way of the avenger.

Her Majesty’s agent informs Melina that her father was working on the case of the disappearance of a British ship with an ATAC system, an automatic homing control device, on board. All the clues lead James and Melina to drug smuggler Aris Kristatos and his smuggling opponent Milos Columbo. New dangers lurk for the British agent and his charming companion every now and then, but the feeling they share will prove to be the perfect peacemaker of uncomfortable situations threatening their lives.

Melina Havelock is an expert in the use of a crossbow. This dangerous instrument, combined with intelligence and charm, places her in a key position among the most independent and resourceful women in the history of the Bond series. An intimate rapprochement with Bond occurs only at the very end of the film, and at her initiative. Throughout, 007 treats her in a caring manner, and the respect he bestows on this seductive avenger goes far beyond his affectionate indifference to the fair sex.

12. Lynn-Holly Johnson („For Your Eyes Only” as Bibi Dahl)

Top Bond Girls - Lynn-Holly Johnson

Bibi Dahl (Lynn-Holly Johnson) is the foster niece of Greek smuggler Aris Kristatos. The step-uncle is a big fan of the young lady’s talent and invests a huge amount of money in her sports career, as the girl is a professional figure skater with a chance to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games. During one of her grueling training sessions, Bibi witnesses a conversation between James Bond and Aris Kristatos. The topic of their conversation is completely indifferent to her, while the British commander’s presence arouses the girl’s curiosity to such an extent that one afternoon she decides to sneak into his room to spend a romantic moment with him.

From the entrance, Her Majesty’s agent rejects her flirtatious gestures, explaining that she is far too young for him. The voluptuous 16-year-old does not let herself be so easily disposed of and lets Bond know that she is no amateur when it comes to male-female matters. As “reparation,” 007 invites the sportswoman for ice cream, and when the girl is ready to leave, she throws herself around his neck and offers him such a passionate kiss that the confused man loses his breath.

At first glance, it seems that Bibi is madly in love with the handsome secret agent. As they exasperatedly descend the Italian slopes in Cortina, they witness a biathlon competition, and the competitor – current world champion Erich Kriegler – turns out to be the actual love of the carefree skater. Bond is a momentary temptation for her, but it is at the sight of the outstanding athlete that the girl completely loses her temper.

13. Kristina Wayborn („Octopussy” as Magda)

The Most iconic Bond Girls - Kristina Wayborn

The list of Bond girls should also not miss Kristina Wayborn in the role of Magda. Magda is the henchman of Afghan prince Kamal Khan and the “right hand” of the mysterious jewelry smuggler Octopussy, who lives in an impressive palace in Delhi. Her first meeting with James Bond takes place during an auction at the “Sotheby’s” department store, in London. The blonde beauty arrives there in the company of Kamal Khan in order to acquire a Fabergé egg – a work of goldsmith art from the time of Alexander III Romanov and Nicholas II.

You can see from the behavior of the mysterious couple how anxious they are to win the auction, as the amounts to which they drive up the value of the precious object reach the height of half a million pounds. If Bond had not participated in the auction, Kamal Khan would have paid a hundred thousand less for the item. This incident does not escape the attention of Magda, who, having cast a flirtatious glance in 007’s direction, will eagerly await the next move on his part.

Their second meeting occurs at a casino, in Delhi. Guests, including James and Magda, witness the colossal victory that Kamal Khan won over Major Clive in a game of craps. Bond pays special attention to the behavior of the Afghan prince. He sits down at the table with him and asks, as it is supposedly a player’s privilege, to be able to use his “magic” dice. This is how he wins the battle, and when he informs Kamal Khan of the fact that he possesses the original Fabergé egg, the enraged prince passes a death sentence on him. When Her Majesty’s agent escapes with his life, then the cunning monarch sends his “secret weapon” – Magda. After spending an intoxicating evening with Bond in his hotel room, the woman sneakily steals a precious egg.

Magda is not only a seductive beauty, but above all a talented acrobat, illusionist and entertainer in the Octopus Circus. When she learns of Kamal Khan’s treachery, she, along with Bond and her handler, decides to strike at the person of the two-timing prince. She organizes a squadron of specially trained girls and declares battle against the forces of the demonic traitor.

14. Grace Jones („A View to Kill” as May Day)

The Greatest Bond Girls - Grace Jones

May Day (Grace Jones) is the personal protector and mistress of billionaire Max Zorin. The wealthy industrialist, who has worked for the KGB in the past, regularly assigns her challenging missions. During one of them, involving the elimination of French detective Achille Aubergine, who was investigating the use of doping in Zorin’s horses, the woman comes across James Bond. The British Commodore witnesses her extremely impressive jump from the Eiffel Tower, and when the masked beauty drifts over the streets of Paris via parachute, confused, he decides to get her. The chase ends in failure, and the self-satisfied woman bursts into demonic laughter.

May Day repeatedly tries to deprive the secret agent of his life, but when she learns of Max Zorin’s betrayal, she and 007 decide to thwart the former superior. The crazed billionaire, using a bomb of enormous size, decides to destroy Silicon Valley in San Francisco, California. He places the payload deep underground in a local mine. When May Day and James Bond find the deadly raw material, the woman asks him to enter the elevator and, using a special device, transport the explosive aboard.

The man is surprised by the boundless power at the disposal of this slim but well-built girl. The heroine lowers 007 and then, already with the bomb on board, pulls him back up. When the brake of the vehicle on which they place the cargo to take it out of the mine locks the wheel, a determined May Day starts the means of transport and gets out. She eventually dies due to a bomb explosion.

May Day was subjected to experiments in the past, spearheaded by Max Zorin’s adoptive father Doctor Hans Glaub. As a result of his actions, the woman boasted superhuman strength and greater resistance to pain than the average person. Her altruistic attitude is not due to Bond’s initiative, but to her emotional profession, which emphatically shows the woman’s inner strength and decisiveness in action.

Bond Women

15. Carey Lowell („Licence to Kill” as Pam Bouvier)

The Greatest Bond Girls of all time - Carey Lowell

Carey Lowell as Pam Bouvier also joined the famous Bond girls. Her character once provided services to the CIA as a pilot and informant. One of the woman’s direct liaisons was James Bond’s longtime friend Felix Leiter. 007 passes Pam at his wedding, but due to the woman’s haste he does not even exchange a single sentence with her. The agent goes undercover as a courier for ruthless drug trafficker Franz Sanchez, captured a few hours before the nuptial ceremony by Leiter and Bond. When the British Commodore visits his friend’s house the next day, he finds his wife murdered and Felix barely alive.

It also comes to his attention that the drug baron has escaped the police, who, due to the criminal’s powerful contacts, are unable to arrest him again. Deprived of his license to kill, Bond decides to work with Miss Bouvier and asks her to pretend to be his personal assistant. His goal is revenge for the death of his friend’s wife, while the American agent is interested in the Stinger missiles in the possession of Franz Sanchez’s security chief Colonel Heller.

Pam Bouvier is the first woman after Soviet Major Anya Amasova, who has military contacts, combat experience, and in the course of the mission displays incredible courage and a sense of survival. Without her help, the British spy not only would not have taken revenge on Franz Sanchez, but above all would not have escaped with his life. Although the American agent falls in love with him, she makes no moves to seduce him.

16. Famke Janssen („GoldenEye” as Xenia Onatopp)

Top 20 James Bond Girls - Famke Janseen

As beautiful as she is dangerous, Famke Janssen is another Bond woman. Xenia Onatopp is a fighter pilot in the past working for the Soviet Union’s army. She currently provides services to the criminal syndicate Janus, headed by former Section 00 agent Alec Trevelyan. The woman has repeatedly proven to Bond that she is a great driver and baccarat player, and an attempt to seduce her could end in death. During a military machinery show in Monte Carlo, an experienced pilot hijacks a high-end, new-generation helicopter called Tiger. Accompanied by the Russian Chairman of the Space Department, General Arkady Grigorovich Orumov, he travels to a military bunker located in Severnaya, Siberia, to murder all the employees of the base there.

The goal of their attack is to get their hands on an electromagnetic orbital weapon called GoldenEye, developed during the Cold War by Soviet specialists. After the massacre perpetrated on Russian programmers and soldiers, the pair of villains steal the deadly disk, which, thanks to signals from Earth, can send an electromagnetic pulse of immense power to any of its locations.

Xenia Onatopp is not only a high-class pilot, but above all a cold, incalculable killer. Every opportunity to kill someone excites her to such an extent that even the violent General Orumov is surprised by the woman’s behavior and does not understand the impulsive behavior of his partner. Among the special skills of the Russian felon is the trick of crushing with her thighs, especially during sexual intercourse. Canadian Admiral Chuck Farrell, who ended up dead after an encounter with a demonic woman, found this out.

Xenia Onatopp is exterminated in the Cuban wilderness, on Bond’s initiative, when she is pulled between two symmetrically shaped thick tree branches while squeezing him with her thighs. The Russian assassin is by far the most dangerous woman of all the female villains in the history of the 007 series.

17. Maria Grazia Cucinotta („The World Is Not Enough” as Giulietta da Vinci alias Cigar Girl)

James Bond Girls - Maria Grazia Cucinotta

“The World Is Not Enough” allowed another Bond girl to shine on the screen, who became Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Her Italian-born protagonist, Giulietta da Vinci, is a paid assassin, hired by Russian terrorist Renard to take out targets he has designated. Her encounter with James Bond takes place in Bilbao, during a meeting with Swiss banker Mr. Lachaise. The woman puts the financier to death, and Her Majesty’s agent, pursued by the Spanish police, barely escapes the manhunt.

When 007 is summoned to MI6 headquarters in London, he witnesses the murder of Sir Robert King – a close friend of his immediate superior M. Behind the murder of the businessman is Giulietta da Vinci, known as Cigar Girl. Bond goes in pursuit of her and, in order to do so, steals a prototype of a military motor boat made by Q. After a breakneck chase along the Thames Canal and then through the streets of London, Cigar Girl boards an air balloon and, hanging from its rope, a secret agent orders her to surrender and offers to protect her from the woman’s principals in return. Terrified by this, Giulietta shoots the tank supplying the balloon with fuel and dies on the spot.

Cigar Girl is another dangerous woman worthy of representing the female villains of the 007 series. The professional assassin is distinguished not only by her phenomenal beauty, but above all by her loyalty to her employers. She would rather die than enter into any deal with Bond and the MI6 agency. She can handle any kind of weapon – from a knife to a large machine gun, and the additional skills that allow her to steer both a speedboat and an air balloon place her in the pantheon of the most dangerous women Bond has dealt with.

18. Sophie Marceau („The World Is Not Enough” as Elektra King)

Best James Bond Girls - Sophie Marceau

In the film “The World is Not Enough” the Bond girl became Sophie Marceau. Elektra, played by the French actress, is the daughter of the murdered Sir Robert King. She was the victim of a kidnapping in the past, and the person responsible for the act was the Russian terrorist Renard. The meeting with James Bond takes place during her father’s funeral, in Scotland. After the ceremony of the last farewell, information comes to 007’s attention that the daughter of the murdered oil magnate was held in inhumane conditions, and Sir Robert King – at the urging of M – did not pay the kidnapper a ransom of five million dollars, but used her as bait.

Her Majesty’s Agent is delegated not so much to help, but to exercise control over Elektra and her risky business moves. 007 inadvertently gets involved in an affair with the heiress of an oil fortune, and when the woman’s true intentions come to light over time, it’s too late to make a sober assessment of the situation. Elektra King could not forgive her wealthy father for preferring to use her as bait rather than pay the demanded ransom. Burdened with trauma, the woman fell victim to Stockholm syndrome – a mental condition caused by severe stress, appearing in kidnap victims, expressed by feeling sympathy for their captors. The girl is in fact Renard’s lover, and her father’s death was planned by her to the smallest detail.

Elektra King is the first case in the history of the entire 007 saga, where a woman is the main villain. The demonic girl specializes not only in skillfully covering up the traces of crimes, but is above all an expert in elaborate torture. During one such “game”, when Bond is chained to a chair, the woman shows what she is capable of. Outwitted by 007, she tries to escape, but her plan fails. Elektra King is not only the first female lead villain in the history of the 007 series, but also the first woman shot by Bond. The scene in which the determined secret agent pulls the trigger is one of the most cruel, and to this day no similar plot device has been repeated.

19. Rosamund Pike („Die Another Day” as Miranda Frost)

The 20 Most Unforgettable Bond Girls - Rosamund Pike

Miranda Frost (that’s Rosamund Pike) is a Harvard University graduate and Olympic gold medalist in fencing. She works undercover for MI6 as a publicist for arrogant businessman Gustav Graves. James Bond is delegated to infiltrate his activities. During a press conference to gain knowledge of the confident businessman’s future plans, the woman attracts the attention of the British spy. She meets 007 a second time, during his fencing duel with an enraged Graves. She reacts to the agent’s flirtatious remarks not so much with cynicism as with absolute coolness, and makes it clear to him to stay away from her.

When it comes to Bond’s knowledge that Miranda also works for MI6, he is convinced of her devotion and loyalty. As time goes by, it turns out that this frigid beauty is responsible for infiltrating the British services, and her real superior turns out to be 007’s former enemy – North Korean Colonel Tan-Sun Moon, who has assumed the identity and appearance of Gustav Graves for the purpose of camouflage.

Miranda Frost is the most chilling of all the female adversaries who have stood in the way of the British secret agent. She is beautiful, educated, athletic, and her impeccable manners and perfection in communicating with the media on business matters show her uncommon intelligence and physical flexibility. The icy goddess prefers low-temperature chambers, does not crave attentions from the male sex, and the only thing of value to her is her boundless devotion to Colonel Moon.

20. Ana de Armas („No Time to Die” as Paloma)

Dangerous Bond Girls - Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas in the role of Pamela is the last James Bond girl in this list. Paloma is a Cuban agent working on behalf of the CIA. The woman, at the behest of James Bond’s friend Felix Leiter, assists 007 during an operation in the El Nido bar to recapture scientist Valdo Obruchev from the hands of the Spectre organization. Her Majesty’s agent is enchanted by the charming agent, and given that the girl is after three weeks of training and has no experience in direct combat with the enemy, her skills go far beyond the amount of time she has spent in training.

Paloma does not get into romances with the men she works with. Before a mission, she prefers a quick drink, so she handles firearms better than many experienced soldiers. In addition to her outstanding shooting skills, she excels in terms of hand-to-hand combat, and her dress – styled after that of Soviet Major Anya Amasova – makes it clear that the most skilled women in combat prefer this type of clothing.