“Lupin” – a Romantic Thief from the Seine [Review]

Lupin series


Title: “Lupin”

Release Date: 2021

Cast: Omar Sy, Vincent Londez, Ludivine Sagnier, Herve Pierre, Clotilde Hesme




“Lupin” is a great serial entertainment, set in the unique climate of beautiful Paris. Light, full of humor, but also offering criminal intrigue, the action draws you in from the first episode, and the creation of Omar Sy allows you to savor the next adventures of Assane Diop, who has some cases from the past to deal with. Netflix’s production following the popular series of novels by Maurice Leblanc “Arsène Lupin, gentleman burglar” can certainly be recommended as a cinematic diversion for a few evenings.

“Lupin” series and literary inspirations

“Lupin” from Netflix is a series that ingeniously combines inspirations from French popular literature of the early 20th century with the film world. The three-season production depicts the adventures of a certain Assane Diop (Omar Sy) fascinated by the character of the legendary detective from Leblanc’s series of novels “Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Thief” The man is traumatized by his childhood, when he became an orphan on his own thanks to his father’s influential yet ruthless employer. After all, Hubert Pellegrini (Hervé Pierre) accused his employee and also an expatriate from Senegal of stealing an expensive necklace, and the latter committed suicide out of despair in prison. Diop, infected by his father’s passion for the Lupin character, designs an elaborate plan for revenge against the man who did him so much harm.

In many ways, the series is reminiscent of the BBC’s famous “Sherlock” with Benedict Cumberbatch. This is because in both cases the legendary literary character is, in a sense, transferred to contemporary realities, and the production captures the atmosphere of a modern European metropolis extremely evocatively. In “Sherlock” it is London, in “Lupin” it is beautifully shown Paris, with the Louvre, boulevards on the Seine, charming streets and austere townhouses. French interior design, cuisine, fashion, lifestyle – all this can be found in the series.

Lupin Netflix series review

“Lupin” – the adventures of a friendly thief

Omar Sy won the sympathy of viewers with the film “The Intouchables”, where he played the role of the caretaker of a completely paralyzed millionaire. The characteristic lightness of his creation combined with a serious theme is also reflected in the series “Lupin”. Indeed, the character of Assane, although burdened with serious traumas from the past, exudes humor and joy of life. The protagonist, himself a father responsible for his son’s safety, takes a risky gamble, challenging one of the most influential men in the country. However, his motivation is understandable, so the viewer is rooting for the man’s actions from beginning to end.

For Assane seduces the viewer like a literary Lupin – a gentleman burglar, he may break the law, but he does so in elegant style, inspiring sympathy and even admiration for his impeccable manners. As one might expect, the protagonist also has a similar effect on women, constantly juggling between his son’s mother Claire (played by Ludivine Sagnier) and his crazy childhood love Juliette (Clotilde Hesme). Is there a hidden agenda in all this? Before we find out, we are sure to get carried away by the charm of a romantic night motorcycle ride along the Seine and a candlelit dinner in a Parisian pub.

“Lupin” is therefore certainly worth recommending to anyone who appreciates cinematic entertainment, where adventure, sensation and romance make an effective mix in style, and humor illuminates the dark sides of the story of the gentleman burglar.