20 Fairy Tale Movies for Girls

Fairy tales for girls is, contrary to appearances, a very diverse category of animated films. This is because it can include fairy tales about princesses, stories about dancers, fairies, but also stories about brave warriors. Movies about animal heroes also work well as animation for girls, especially the recently popular series produced in the UK and Canada.

Wise fairy tales for girls are stories that, in addition to providing entertainment, have an important educational function. They show that girls, like boys, can be not only beautiful, but also intelligent and courageous. They can have and fulfill their dreams and change the world.

Especially touching and at the same time instructive are animations based on facts. For example, these are true stories about princesses such as Pocahontas, Anastasia or Sissi.

Of course, any fairy tale can appeal to both girls and boys. However, some animated films appeal especially to little girls.

Fairy tales for girls

1. ”Pocahontas” (1995)

Fairy Tales for girls - Pocahontas

“Pocahontas” is one of Disney’s most beautiful fairy tales and is sure to appeal to girls. This is because it presents the story of a charming and brave Indian girl who wins the heart of the British soldier John Smith. The girl discovers a whole new reality for the newcomer from another world: the beautiful and sentient face of the earth, plants and animals living in symbiosis with Indian tribes. In 1998, the second part of the animated film about the fate of Pocahontas was made, subtitled Journey to the New World.

2. “The Little Mermaid”, 1989

Best fairy tales for girls - Little mermaid

Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” is an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s well-known fairy tale about the fate of a beautiful mermaid who falls in love with an earthly young man. Ariel wishes at all costs to take human form and lead a life at the side of her beloved Prince Eric. The witch Ursula can help her do this, but the Mermaid will have to sacrifice her greatest talent – the angelic voice – for this. The adventures of the brave Ariel are moving, but also get a more optimistic message in Disney’s depiction than in the case of the original.

3. ”Beauty and the Beast”, 1991

Fairytales for girls - Beauty and the Beast

For years, girls have delighted in the fate of the beautiful and good Bella, who, in exchange for the release of her father, decides to live in the palace of a terrifying monster. Bella will be duly rewarded for her courage – she will find great love, which will disenchant the face of the beast and transform her into a handsome and captivating prince. Two Oscars and three Golden Globes best testify to the high level of this animated movie.

4. “Cinderella”, 1950

Fairy Tales movies for girls - Cinderella

Disney’s “Cinderella”, despite being a good couple of decades old, still remains one of the most beautiful animations for children, and it is especially appealing to little girls. The spectacular adaptation of an old fairy tale is the story of a girl who, after the death of her mother, has to work hard as a servant in the house of her bad stepmother and her two lazy daughters. One day the prince invites all the maidens of his kingdom to a ball. It turns out that Cinderella, thanks to the help of her fairy godmother, also goes to the party. In her coach and magnificent gown, the heroine does not resemble a poor maid, but a magnificent princess. Unfortunately, the spell works only until midnight, so Cinderella must hurry back home.

5. ”Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, 1937

Best Fairy tales movies for girls - Snow White and 7 dwarfs

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, Walt Disney’s first major animation and a historic success for the studio, is still a classic of fairy tales for girls today. Here is Snow White, a kind and beautiful princess orphaned by her mother, arouses jealousy in her vain stepmother. The evil queen decides to get rid of her stepdaughter and passes a death sentence on her. However, the forester takes pity on the girl and releases her into the forest, where Snow White finds a small friendly house of seven dwarfs.

6. ”Sleeping Beauty”, 1959

The 20 greatest fairy tales movies for girls - Sleeping Beauty

“Sleeping Beauty” is another Disney fairy tale that continues to win the hearts of girls despite the passage of time. It tells the story of the fate of Aurora, the beautiful royal daughter. Her parents unwisely do not invite to the christening an evil witch, who casts an evil spell on the child with a vengeance. When the girl turns 16, she pricks her finger with a spindle and falls into a deep sleep. She will only be able to be awakened by the kiss of a loving prince.

7. “Frozen”, 2013

Top fairy tale movies - Frozen

There is probably no girl who does not know “Frozen” and the song “Let It Go” from the film. The story is about two sisters: Anna and Elza and their adventures involving Elza’s supernatural abilities, moves and entertains to tears. Beautiful princesses, funny dialogues and visually appealing animation are undoubted strengths of this fairy tale, and its success so far surpasses all other children’s movies.

8. ”Peppa Pig”, (TV series 2004 – )

Fairy tale popular among the girls - Peppa Pig

“Peppa Pig” is a TV cartoon that has taken the hearts of all the youngest viewers by storm. The British animated series tells about the adventures of the titular pig and her family: Daddy Pig, Mommy Pig and younger brother George. The cartoon also features many other characters, such as grandparents and Mrs. Rabbit driving the school bus. All preschool-aged children, as well as older ones, love Peppa Pig and her various adventures.

9. “Mulan”, 1998

Most loved fairy tales by girls - Mulan

“Mulan” to the Disney adaptation of a Chinese legend about a brave girl who puts on men’s armor to fight for her endangered country. Mulan grows up in a small traditional village, but continuing age-old customs is not on her mind. Instead of a husband, she dreams of adventures in the big world.

When, because of the war, the emperor announces universal conscription, the girl decides to protect her old father from the hard and dangerous duty. She cuts off her long hair and, in manly armor, sets out to help the empire. “Mulan” is a beautiful and instructive story for every girl. For it shows that every woman has the right to choose the path in life that is closest to her, even if it goes against social expectations.

10. “Thumbelina”, 1994

Animated movies based on fairy tales - Thumbelina

Another animated screen adaptation of Andersen’s well-known fairy tale. A fairy bestows a seed of a mysterious flower on a woman who wants a child. Inside the plant a baby girl is born. She quickly gains the love of her mother, and soon also of the Elf King, who is delighted with her. One night, however, terrible toads kidnap Thumbelina, which begins her long journey full of various adventures.

11. “Brave”, 2012

Animated films for girls - Brave

An Oscar, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA statuette are the most important of the awards given to Merida the Brave, a great fairy tale for girls. The main character is a rebellious Scottish princess who, against the wishes of her parents, does not want to marry at all, but dreams of great adventures. In turn, her greatest passion is archery. One day Merida runs away from home after an argument with her mother. She longs to find her destiny, but is unaware that the witch who offers to help her may have very bad intentions.

12. “Ballerina”, 2016

20 best fairy tales movies with girls - Ballerina

“Ballerina” is a touching fairy tale about eleven-year-old Felicia, who grows up in an orphanage. The girl’s greatest passion is dancing. Despite the fact that no one believes in the realization of the heroine’s dreams, she decides not to give up. One day, together with her friend Victor, who dreams of a career as a scientist, they escape to Paris. Felicia gets into a prestigious school for ballerinas. The ballerina not only tells the story of fulfilling one’s greatest desires with swagger, but also shows the picturesque landscape of the French capital.

13. ”PAW Patrol”, 2013

best fairy tales films - Paw Patrol

“PAW Patrol” is another TV cartoon offering next to Peppa Pig. The Canadian animation has gained enormous popularity. The fairy tale features eight canine heroes: dalmatian Marshall, bulldog Rubble, sheepdog Chase, mutt Rocky, labrador Zumy, cocker-spaniel Skye, husky Everest and chilly Tarcker. The dogs help a boy named Ryder solve difficult problems and rescue people from oppression.

14. ”The Princess and the Frog”, 2009

Fairy tales about princesses - The Princess and the Frog

“The Princess and the Frog” is an originally transformed fairy tale about an enchanted frog king, whose kiss of a beautiful girl turns him into a handsome young man. The main character of the animation is Princess Tiana, a resident of New Orleans. One day she meets a frog that speaks with a human voice. The animal claims to be an enchanted prince, and a kiss from the princess can restore him to human form. However, when Tiana grants the frog’s wish, she herself turns into an amphibian.

15. “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”, 1961

Top 20 fairy tales films - 101 dalmatians

“101 Dalmatians” is an interesting story about friendly doggies who one day find themselves in serious danger. After all, the unnamed Cruella DeMon dreams of making herself a magnificent fur coat from the skins of innocent puppies. When Pongo and Perdita’s children are kidnapped, the parents unhesitatingly set out to find them. They are soon joined by their owners Roger and Anita. In 1962, Disney’s film won a BAFTA statuette for best animation.

16. “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” (2010 – 2019)

Fairy tales movies for girls list - My Little Pony

“My Little Pony” is a fairy tale that was created with little girls in mind. The main character of the story is Twilight Sparkle, a unicorn, who is sent by Princess Celestia to the town of Ponyville, where she is to learn what friendship is all about. So Twilight heads there, accompanied by her assistant dragon Spike. They soon make several friends, including Raibow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Apple Bloom. A whole series of gadgets and popular toys for girls was created in connection with the cartoon.

17. “Cinderella and the Secret Prince”, 2018

Fairy tale movies anime - Cinderella and the secret prince

In addition to the classic “Cinderella”, it is worth showing children an alternative version of the well-known story. “Cinderella: A True Story” is a tale in which the title character is not just a beautiful, good girl, but has a difficult task giving her the opportunity to prove her own courage. For when Cinderella arrives at the invited ball, it turns out that the prince has been turned into a mouse, and a double has been substituted in his place. The girl decides to save the king’s son from the hands of the evil witch at all costs.

18. ”The Snow Queen” (“Snezhnaya Koroleva”, 1957)

Old fairy tales movies - The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen” is an old Russian animated film from 1957. One day the evil Queen kidnaps Kai, and his friend Gerda sets out to find the boy. Before the girl reaches the ice palace, she will have to overcome many dangers on her journey. The latest animation related to the well-known fairy tale is The Snow Queen: On the Other Side of the Mirror from 2018.

19. “Barbie”

20 great fairytale films - Barbie

“Barbie” is a series of feature films and animated series that have been made since 2001, when Barbie appeared in The Nutcracker. The main character of all the stories is the famous doll produced by the American company Mattel since 1957, which has won the hearts of girls around the world. The name Barbie originated as a diminutive of toy maker Ruth Handler’s daughter, Barbara. In the 1960s, Random House Publishing published a series of novels detailing the doll’s biography. She has a boyfriend Ken, younger sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea, and friends Teresa and Midge.

20. “Maya the Bee: The Honey Games”, 2018

Fairy movies - Maya the bee

“Maya the Bee: The Honey Games” is the second part of the adventures of the brave and funny bee, who this time, along with her friend Guc, will participate in a sports competition. This will be the punishment she will face for criticizing the Empress. In turn, if the heroine loses, Mai’s hive will lose its entire honey supply. So the stakes are very high.


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